Danielle Blazer was exposed to makeup and hair artistry in the theater as a child. She played with makeup and hair throughout her teenage years and began doing makeup for local theater productions in high school. Her education and experimenting led her to continue working in the theater department at SPU where she attended college, as well as working with Seattle area photographers. While working backstage for a ballet company, she was horrified to discover decades-old makeup and a lack of sanitation or continuity, so she revamped the department from the ground up, and was then brought on by the ballet company to head the makeup, hair and wig departments. Meanwhile, she continued working with photographers in Seattle.

In 2014 Danielle moved to Southern California. Since then she has continued working in film and print. Most recently she served as department head for hair and makeup for the feature docudrama "Yesterday Today" for CEG Productions and Joy Track Films, Suzy Sachs Producer/Director.

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